Nexus 6 Finally Be Seen in Your First Photo Gallery and Video “In Hand”

Finally we have a more direct contact with the Nexus 6, and it is that although the new device from Google and Motorola arose in society already a week ago, yet we had to have the opportunity to see it running live.

Logically have not been us the lucky ones that have been able to tinker about it but as usual were The Verge boys who have had the opportunity to take the glove at the new Nexus, and step bring us a full hands-on with photo gallery and video included.

Today we have known that the terminal the United States will officially reach on October 29, although it will do so in booking period unclear at the moment when it will begin its distribution, something that it should happen a few days later.

To its landing in our markets still will have to wait a few weeks, and although in the photo gallery and video not brighten us excessively the details of the device, yes they will serve to go started with the possibilities of the new Nexus 6.

At least we can already confirm its design similar to the of a Moto X 2014 gigantic, built on a metal frame and with a plastic housing that, in the words of the guys at Verge, it resembles in touch to an unbreakable eggshell.

Also confirms the double front stereo speaker, and indicate that the version of Android 5.0 Lollipop who have tried seems still in a final phase of development, without being completely fine. Moreover, it is a phablet with all the letters, large in size and very good looking:

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