Nexus 6 Is Exhausted in Its First Half Hour of Reserves in The United States, Could Be Delayed in Europe

He has returned to pass. Seems to not care that this time the price is above the six hundred dollars, Google and the forecast of stock are not quite right: Nexus 6 It dries up in its first half hour reservations in United States, and bring tail.

In four versions, in black and white on its 32 and 64 GB capacities, 649 and 699 euros price respectively, and the following message appears:

“The inventory is exhausted. Please check back soon”

Así, history repeats itself for the third year, since the success of Nexus 4 and groundbreaking prices at that time, to $299. This time if it is true that the device does not have that price so bulky sexy.

Meanwhile, rumors from Holland that this soon depletion of the first units in the United States could have an impact on a delay in the date of arrival in Europe come. Although expected Nexus 6 opened the reserves at the end of the month (during November for his arrival in the shops), the date that now manages for its opening of reservations tour around November 18, that is, between two and three weeks of delay.

Confirmed (which, knowing Google, could verify with the step number of the time), we would be talking about a significant added delay, and we would be still talking about reserves, and not own distribution Terminal. No doubt It would be one more reason to consider whether to buy the new Nexus 6 to who could throw for him instead of by others as Note 4. Will you need to see? What do you think?