Nexus 6 Will Be a Terminal Minority, Who Gets Upset You Him Despite

We had some hope that there was a quiet renewal of Nexus 5, improving specifications but without great fanfare we were frustrating over time according to the leaks were happening.

The main problem with this new Nexus 6 is clearly its size. Six inches are the barrier between tablet and mobile. It is true that what was once very large (for example, the first Galaxy Note) now it is standard or even small for the highest range (up to stop iPhone range is 5.5 inches, who had said it only a year ago). But six inches are at the very top of the phablets.

So Google has launched this time a niche product. Yes, it has all the advantages of the Nexus (long and fast updates, product without customizations, comes with the latest version of Android) but If what they wanted was a mass product, as it seems they try to from the Nexus 4, has been wrong.

Android Wear Google strategy?

With this strategy, it seems that Google assumes that we will always carry two devices on. One small, very small, screen for most of the day, on our wrists. With Android Wear, clear. And another which use less can be larger, in our pockets / bags.

And I think that this is a mistake. Not everyone is made to wear a smart watch. It is a product that seeks to address a need that does not exist in the majority of the people. And therefore the six inch seem too large for a main product.

And the price, the big mistake

And the last point at which Google is wrong is not being aggressive on price (649 euros for the 32 GB model) and 699 for 64 GB. It seems that the strategy followed with the Nexus 4 and 5 is broken and the Nexus are once again similar to other manufacturers Accessories.

The strategy did not end quite Jell. Although sales of the Nexus 4 and 5 were very superior to all his predecessors did not to the level of other manufacturers. Here Google lifeline and returns to bring out a product which will be minority: too big for most, lined up with the rest and little marketing price. It is designed to fail outside specialized circles.

Now, perhaps the reason for these prices is that the manufacturers were not happy with Google. Recently Google reached an agreement with Samsung to get the latter to stop both personalize your software. And maybe part of that deal included that Google might break the market at prices, Samsung already has enough with Chinese manufacturers.

Therefore we have a terminal that although it is a reference and has very good specifications will be a minority product. Soon we will see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cheaper and with tons of marketing. What will people buy? Is that clear.