Now You Can Buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in 24-Carat Gold

Samsung Galaxy feels S7 not exclusive enough? So you can spice it up with nothing worse than 24-karat gold. And the price? It is high.

There has in recent years been tradition that a handful of companies are taking up the challenge coats top models-mainly from Samsung and Apple with real gold. One of these companies going under the name of Karalux, which also has gold-plated last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6.

Now it is the turn of the new Galaxy S7 and the curvy Galaxy S7 edge-variant, which has been clad with the same 24 carat gold. However, it is not a very easy process, since, according to the company’s press with part el view requires 10 different steps over a 6-hour long process of surface be hand ling and new precious metal parts, which finally coated with 24 carat gold and a nano coating to prevent wear.

Samsung’s so-called A7000-Classi fied aluminum frame has previously been a bit of a challenge, but with the switch to A6000-alluminium frame, it has become easier to coat it with gold, according to the company’s Director, Quang Tu.

The company is located in Viet Nam, but ship worldwide-also Denmark, if you should want to throw money at a twice as expensive Samsung Galaxy S7. In the web shop is the as with a price of $ 1,750 or directly translated to 11,500 crowns with the option to retain parts of Samsung’s own colors black, white or gold. There you can also run the risk that the smoker a swing by duty and get a little extra expenses on the road.