OnePlus One Will Maintain Its Sale by Invitations, Although It Can Be Booked on October 27

Yes, today it seems that it is day of announcements, because if it a few minutes ago we saw that Google announced the start of the Nexus 6 reserves in the United States, now it’s the turn OnePlus and its One to announce changes in its distribution.

Coming from OnePlus, everyone expected a single story, and is the start of the direct sale of the OnePlus One After months behind a few invitations that, although they have become most interested, hamper the distribution of one of the terminals to more it has encouraged us this year 2014.

However, and although the news is good, can not speak of direct sale, still as OnePlus has just announced at the moment they will start the reservations without invitation from the One starting on October 27th.

Change the distribution model, although remain invitations

This new distribution system to ensure that, once booked and paid, your OnePlus One out the next available shipment without using the invitations, while These will remain in force and will allow users to skip the queue and purchase one directly.

The manufacturer indicates that orders are limited to two units per customer, while the payment may be made only via PayPal, at least at first.

It is certainly good news, and is that although we can not talk yet of direct sales at least already not need wait for an invitation–which we have to recognize that they have lately been readily available – to acquire our OnePlus One.

That Yes, stay tuned if you want one of them, then surely due to the limited production of OnePlus, you will continue having problems to supply all the demand. To not lose time, already is can start preparing the reserve creating the account in advance at OnePlus.

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