Preparing the Queues for the Apple Watch, Hunting Bargains

We have official confirmation of the release date, it’s “soterradillo” almost, almost without warning. But as always, We have to focus on what brings us here every week, Hunt bargains. So while some look forward to the next day 26, we will see that it is cooked by the network. Welcome to bargain hunting.

  • We started with the Plan Media Markt Renovator. Pounds for Euros. If you are thinking of buy a new TV and get rid of the old, this may be your chance. You take the old, weigh you it and for every kilo they give you one euro for the purchase of a new TV. The only requirement is that the new TV does not have less than 40 inches.
  • We are going to seek more… Are you a born Gamer and enjoy playing on your iPhone? Don’t say more, sure that this remote control Bluetooth with support for the Smartphone makes you get spark to the last shooter released in iOS.
  • If you’re thinking in renew the “guts” of your old Mac and you are looking for one SSD hard drive to give you a little more than speed to the system. Amazon has these disks from Samsung, 250GB with a juicy discount.
  • If you use a MacBook, either the Pro or the Air (or perhaps the new MacBook to dry) and are looking for the way to extend ports, sure that this HUB with 10 ports USB 3.0 It makes a great function. Right now it is almost to the half-price discount.
  • Now that it is summer and all have the mind holiday, sure to many nor wrong come them renew your camera, to be able to make good pictures. This Canon EOS 100 d is available with an interesting discount.
  • Maybe looking for a bluetooth speaker to take the music anywhere… For a little less than 30 euros can do with this small cube Rockbox.
  • An external hard drive, Western Digital 1 TB capacity and his transport bag for 59 euros sure that can solve you these problems of storage when you’re away from home. The ideal complement for any laptop.
  • If you are looking for an iPhone at all costs… IPhone 5s is a great terminal that has very little to envy to his elder brother the iPhone 6. Still left a few years of life, so if you want iPhone, this 16 GB free in safe mResell for 339 euros that will supply you with that ‘need’.
  • If you want Enter the large door in the Mac world, What better way to start with an iMac. This Super desktop we have it in two sizes, 21 and 27 inches. We have option to us with this second hand with processor Core i5 2.7 GHz for 939 euros.
  • If what you want is portable, This MacBook air of second hand can be a real delight. Eleven-inch core i5 at 1. 6 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 64 GB SSD hard drive. Its price is 499 euros.
  • A little more than power and screen is never more, so if these 13-inch MacBook Pro with Core i5 2.5 GHz more are you engaging in mResell are available secondhand for 799 euros.
  • We will continue with more cameras, We have the holidays just around the corner… This Bridge of 16 Mpx of the Olympus brand, with a 43 percent discount is your final price? 265 euros. Every time you are less excuses to not have good photos of your holiday.
  • You are still looking for a cheaper iPhone… Ok… This second hand on eBay you may convince you. The model is a 5, and 16 GB in black. But still works with the last operating system of Apple and secure that with the next also. Its price is only 269 EUR.
  • Would you like you give someone a PAAAALO? Or perhaps to yourself… Yes, lo, they are increasingly more MI6, but Selfies clubs can afford to take pictures very, very curious. Here we have one lowered for your SmartPhone. It is Bluetooth, so we can activate our iPhone trigger remotely.
  • It costs you reach the end of the day with your Smartphone battery, nothing happens… This auxiliary 6200 mAh battery allows you to almost four full loads of devices like the iPhone and best of all is that it is no larger than the Palm of your hand. Its price is only € 24.95.
  • The Fnac is anniversary, during the day yesterday and today we have the “Happy computer & TV to you” that It will save the VAT in televisions and computer products. 21 percent is not negligible. Only buying via the web and sending of 2-3 days home.
  • If you want Save € 100 accurate on the purchase of a Mac, latest model… At the Fnac have this MacBook pro 13 inch screen retina with that exact price of rate rebate.
  • A Blaupunkt TV 40 inch Full HD and 100 Hz It is possible to buy it in Fnac offering 309 euros… I think that if you’re thinking about renewing your TV, today you’ve had enough offers.

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