ShowStoppers, the Most Interesting before the MWC15

Still has not “officially” begun the Mobile World Congress This year and already we have information and news in the world of technology. And not only from ads or presentations of the different brands, but accessories and products that populate the ecosystem-in our case – the iOS devices.

To do this “ShowStoppers”is perfect. It is an event that takes place just before – or in parallel – the most important fairs of the world’s technology, and where the brands exhibited their products and services easily. There are no large spaces shows, only the product and offering each. It is an informally have a previous contact to some products we can then see in the fair, or that only have been exposed here.

This year, ShowStoppers has chosen the beautiful place of the University of Barcelona, where has exposure started at 15:00 on this hot Sunday. Twelve exhibitors selected in a pass only to press us has begun to prepare for a Mobile, which this year is expected to be spectacular.

The most outstanding products

We started the review of the most interesting products we have seen in ShowStoppers with the new cases of Inkcase 5s and 6 iPhone iPhone. The revolutionary realization in these cases is that the back consists of a screen of 4.3 ” electronic ink)as the one of any e-reader) which will make the times’s “second screen” of our device, connected to it via Bluetooth.

The cover is supplied with a battery of 300mAh (is the typical battery of recent smart watches that are coming to the market, by the way), has 128MB of internal storage, a mechanical button and three touch buttons.

The thickness of the cover “fattening” the final design of the iPhone, but it is still completely manageable. Very useful for example to read our books on the sleeve and not spend the phone battery to do so. Unfortunately there is still a version for iPhone 6 Plus.

“We now turn to”friend”, a monitor/people finder oriented to children for the peace of mind of parents. Much more stylish, discreet and slim that what I’m Tracer proposed last year, “friend” is a watch with GPS and SIM card (under your service subscription), that also incorporates a pedometer to provide maximum information to parents.

Watches are presented in three colors, and also has a fun accessory for children: the personalization of your name in the clock through letters that “button” to the belt. In addition, it has a screen in black and white to show time, a microphone and a loudspeaker to allow children to communicate.

Everything is controlled through an application for the iPhone that allows us to know at all times the position of the child, if moved, how much did so, define zones of alert and the most interesting: can send you voice messages that the child be heard through the clock and reply – also with voice – pressing the only visible on the device. The price will be around €149 and will be released in May/June of this year.

Sound ye the LifeLogging? It is going to get very much in vogue the next years with the arrival of wearable video recording devices. One of them already what we have seen in this ShowStoppers, the Acumulus9 QindredCam, a tiny camera that hangs or clip on clothes to record everything we do.

The QindredCam can also be used in automatic recording mode, with which the camera will know when recording or not – if we activate it-, or do it the manual way to which we are all accustomed. Upload everything to the cloud, has an 8-megapixel Sony sensor and a viewing angle of 140 °, FullHD video recording.

Our House, smarter

I believe that all technology enthusiasts have dreamt in making our House more intelligent, and it seems that we are on the way. Ring offers us an intelligent lock for the House of our dreams, which also includes a camera to know exactly who has come to visit us.

The interesting thing is that we can see and authorize the entry from anywhere in the world thanks to the Internet, securely, and automatically controlled by a motion sensor will detect the presence of the visitors. We can even communicate with them since it also has a speaker and microphone, all this for a little less than $ 200 (now on sale).

D-Link also draws our attention with the new generation of their baby monitors (or surveillance cameras) of new generation, which in addition to incorporate the advantages of the previous model (recording in high definition, connectivity over Wi-Fi) also jumps us in the new model the ability to remotely move through the iPhone camera, to follow a movement, and record it on the phone or in your own SD card that can be incorporated.

Now let’s talk about light bulbs of your houses: only give light? Because you have to see the news that gives us Sengled in the field of intelligent lighting. We started with Press, a led bulb from 13w with a speaker JBL incorporated for wireless music, all controllable from an application for iOS. It comes with a pack of two bulbs, being able to connect up to six more.

Sengled also offers another variety of bulb with new features, the Boost, an LED bulb that incorporates… a Repeater from Wi-Fi network. As you read, if you have any dark area at home both Wi-Fi and light, this is your perfect product. The bulb amplifies the signal Wi-Fi to their entire range, even if the bulb is turned off.

As you can see, this is only a snack for all the news about products and services that will be presented this week, which you will have promptly informed here at Applesfera.