So Are Flexible Batteries Samsung that May Revolutionize the Wearables

Are neither the first, nor will be the last, all the companies that have a hand in the research and development of batteries are working on that its units enjoy some flexibility, to be able to accommodate new designs, allowing those products to be flexible, or with the intention to better occupy the space that is left free within the same.

We have seen the case of LG Chem, quite advanced in this aspect, but can also check that its natural competitor, Samsung, has things to teach the subject. In the InterBattery 2015 having place in Seoul we can see that the Koreans have put batteries in a bracelet.

The particularity of the prototype is its thinness, with distributed extended battery along its surface, and as you can imagine by the pictures, is fully flexible. Their fate seems obvious, lots of wearables that are located in extremities and need that the brain does not occupy so much space because of its batteries.

In two formats: Stripe and Band

There is a long way to go, the batteries are not powerful to give life to a current wearable. They are more efficient

Actually there have been two prototypes under the same idea: Stripe and Band. The first looks like a piece of cloth It could well go hosted in clothing – 0.3 mm thick – and the second directly put it on Rubber Bracelet a clock.

There is a but, the capacity of these batteries is not very big and come complicated that they can give life to a watch as we know today, much less to a smartphone. That Yes, its design allows them to have a life longer than 50%.

As for resistance, Samsung believes that bracelet can endure that We bend it more than 50,000 times. They can roll up to a circle with a radius of 15 mm.

Make it clear that batteries they are not conceptual, functional prototypes, and that as they evolve in its development, and other components that they have to go, we’ll end up seeing them in real products, possibly sometime in 2017.

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Posted by Samsung SDI (SDI) on Thursday, October 22, 2015