Test: Smartphone Bike Z, and the Bike Snaps

The arrival of the Moto Z, latest launch of Lenovo within the line Bike, was preceded by much anticipation, in part because of the visual and of the settings of the smartphone that finally seemed to be pointing to a device in the premium segment, but also by the arrival of the Bike Snaps, gadgets that can be attached magnetically to the Bike-Z, offering functions such as projector, camera with optical zoom, a power bank and powerful sound boxes, what can be considered a true innovation in the world of cell phones, since there is a certain time we don’t see anything really new and exciting.

Along with the Bike Z we get 3 Snaps for test (+ 1 Style Shell), power bank, projector and the speakers of the JBL, but first let’s talk about the instrument:

Bike Z – Design and finish

The first thing you’ll notice when you take the Bike Z of the box is that it is a product with elegant design and superior finish. Your slender body, which gives to the model the title of the thinnest smartphone in the premium (at the time), the sides rounded by the metal frame and the back also metal show that the design team worked hard to deliver something that filled the eyes.

Unfortunately the bulge caused by the camera and the insistent finger marks on the back upset a lot of people, but have not come to bother me, because that I liked to use the smartphone with the Style Shell wood grey, which resolves the two problems.

In the front of the model white loses in design because of the various sensors that become apparent in the Moto Z black the result is much better, only the flash and the camera are noted.


Test Smartphone Bike Z, and the Bike Snaps 1

Bike Z – Screen

The Super AMOLED screen of 5.5 inches brings colors faithful and a good level of brightness, while maintaining legibility even under strong source of light, but the highlight is the same goes to true black, not the grey that we see in LCD screens, resulting in a superior image quality. The resolution is Quad HD 1440p (2560 x 1440) and will give an account of those who like to watch videos or play games with vivid images and without losing any detail.

Screen specifications:

Super AMOLED 5.5 inch
Quad HD 1440p (2560 x 1440)
535 ppp
Corning® Gorilla® Glass


Test Smartphone Bike Z, and the Bike Snaps 2

Bike Z – Camera

Here we find one of the biggest attractions of this device, in fact, who do not cares for a good camera phone today? After all, with the constant updates of social networks and selfies they are often the most important item of the instrument.

In this case we have a rear camera of 13 MP and aperture of ƒ/1.8, the focus laser is automatic and very fast, the double LED Flash balances the colors when the light is low or nonexistent, as well as in the Moto G4, it is possible to control the settings of the camera (HDR, macro, speed, etc.) using the professional mode.

If your business is to record videos, you can do so in the following settings: 1080p HD video (60 fps), 4K (30 fps), slow motion, HD 1080p (60 fps), HDR (1080p and 4K).

Was the best camera that I have tested on a smartphone of the line the Bike up to now, still not enough to be the best in the market, but it was a nice evolution for the brand. See below some photos taken in automatic mode, or in a place with low lighting and without receiving any further treatment:

Test Smartphone Bike Z, and the Bike Snaps 3

Bike Z – Battery

If we take into account that the Moto X Force and the Bike Max offered a battery with autonomy of approximately 36 hours and the Bike Z Play promises 45 hoursduration, 24 hours in mixed use (people know that’s not going to get to it) of the Bike Z were a little disappointing, but I understand that it is a sacrifice made in favor of the thickness of the device, in this case the design was above the feature. Even so he manages to get to the end of the day without the need for an urgent load, which already is an achievement if compared to other smartphones on the market.

Specifications of battery:

Mixed usage up to 24 hours (2600 mAh)
TurboPower™ for up to 7 hours of battery life in 15 minutes of charging


Performance and hardware

The Moto Z has a hardware able to cope with any task without any problem, the tests with games, videos, applications and more heavy have been extremely positive, although some of them show a spent battery a little exaggerated, but knowing how to administer gives to make it yield up to the end of the day in a good. Capturing photos and recording videos do not have any lock-up or delay and the editing of the files is done in real-time with ease, which helps a lot when you are eager to put some content online, or send the media to someone else.

The smartphone comes equipped with a Processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 with quad-core CPU up to 1.8 GHz and GPU Adreno 530, memory ram 4GB, 64 GB of storage that can be expanded to up to 2tb via microSD card,


But and the Bike Snaps?

Well, you can’t deny that the great differential of this device, in addition to its thickness and its design, is the possibility of receiving modules that enhance the experience of using it, or even add features that he had not.

Unlike the unit from LG that brings the modules difficult to be bound, the Moto Z account with an ingenious magnetic system that attaches easily to the Bike Snaps as if they were a cover, that is why there are contacts on the bottom of the back, they hurt a little the visual, but have not come to bother me, because, as I said, I preferred to use the apparatus with the cover of wood most of the time.

What are the Snaps? Do they work well?

Up to the time I had the opportunity to test the following Snaps:

Incipio offGRID Power Pack

A power bank that fits in to the phone magnetically, it seems like a simple idea, but for obvious reasons she had not yet been put into practice, now with the Bike Z you can recharge your gadget with a battery of 2200 mAh. The smartphone is much thicker with it, but I guarantee that in a time of need no one will connect to it.


Bike Urges-Share The Projector

This module is my favorite, it enables the projection of a screen up to 70 inches on any flat surface. If there is how to place the unit perpendicular to the wall or someone to move it from its position initial, no problem, a sensor measures the angle and adapts the image so that it is perfect. My big fun was designing the ceiling of the room and stand watching movies lying in bed! But you can also use it for slideshows or videos in meetings, for example, is only necessary a flat surface


JBL SoundBoost

Another Bike Snap that can please a lot of people, especially those who like to meet friends and listen to good music. The JBL SoundBoost not only transforms your Bike Z on a speaker as it still adds 10 more hours of battery, or also operates with a power bank! The sound is of good quality and power, but it has to be loaded the part, when attached to the gadget it adds a lot of volume and will not be in the pocket of the shorts that you will take the two together!


Hasselblad True Zoom

Unfortunately I still didn’t get this Snap for more specific tests, but I was able to do a trial basic in the presentation at the headquarters of the Lenovo/Motorola, and I could feel a little of what is capable this camera of the prestigious brand in the Swedish Hasselblad. In this enhancement we have a lens with a 10X optical zoom, and the flash of Headlights, the controls resemble those of professional cameras, allowing a control of zoom and clicks much more accurate, in addition to the footprint more secure thanks to the extra volume and the ergonomics of the Snap.


Style Shell

While the covers of the other devices of the line Bike need a few clicks and fittings to afixarem on the Moto Z the switch is made so ridiculously easy thanks to the magnetic system. The available models bring in wood, ballistic nylon, and leather.


Where am I going to use this?

Imagine that you were to spend a weekend at the beach, during the day you took your Bike Snap Hasselblad True Zoom for taking photos in amazing scenery; in the afternoon organized a barbecue with family and/or friends, and put a cool song to rock the party using the JBL SoundBoost; the night brought together the guys to see the photos that were taken during the day, but instead of getting everyone to huddle looking for a little you used the Bike Urges-Share the Projector to expose the images on the looks of the living room, and before going to sleep even invited the guys to watch an episode of your favorite series. The other day, on the way back home, she noticed that had forgotten to load the Bike Z and not found the charger, probably lost in any backpack, but with the Incipio offGrid Power Pack you do not need to worry to search for an outlet of the last hour.

In my opinion this type of additive (accessory, module, whatever) has two destinations: the guy who will buy it for enthusiasm, but it will use little, and the guy who bought it for need and is aware of the opportunities, whether in leisure or in work, put into action their Snaps and get the most out of them.The truth is that the devices are well developed and open up a sea of possibilities, mainly due to the fact Lenovo to offer development kits that give any company the power to develop a Snap, even I’d like to see someone create a Style Shell that came with lenses attached, imagine that nice to add a macro to your camera phone without the need of those kits xing-ling!



The Bike Z account with a pack that includes, in addition to the accessories usual (charger, headphones, bumper, adapters), 1 Bike Style Shell and a Snap Incípio offGridtm Power Pack Black, all this for R$3.199,00.

There are packages with Bike Snaps additional that make the modules more accessible. You can buy the pack of Bike Z + the JBL Sound Boost by R$3.499,00(only the Snap costs R$698,00), if you do the same with the Snap of the Hasselblad or the Urges to Share the Projector, the value rises to R$3.999,00, but it is good to remember that each accessory costs R$1.499,00, that is, if you invest in a combo are going to purchase a Bike Snap for half the price.