That ZTE Is Takes to CES, Something More Than Phones

ZTE is one of the Chinese mobile manufacturers wanting to be strong level – in fact already are world-, so it can not ignore a technological showcase as CES 2014. In the event of Las Vegas have thought teach us something more than smart phones.

In the form of advance payment we talked about devices that will carry, including watches and phablets, as well as four phones with the ultimate in connectivity. The idea that the show international versions of the models that have been recently introduced in China.

Phones 4G for everyone

We have to go to January of last year to meet for the first time the Grand S ZTE, the high-end of the Chinese firm outside their country. It is one of the terminals will be to renew and release internationally.

They anticipate that the ZTE Grand S2 will feature new sound technology based on three microphones, as well as an advanced speech recognition and control system, which will relate to unlocking the phone and camera. Some data is rumored about it: Display Full HD 5.5 inch, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset, 2 GB RAM.

Most striking phones that have in China are the Nubian 5S and 5S mini, presented last November. Are characterized by cutting-edge hardware Snapdragon, LTE connectivity, Sharp Full HD screens and Sony cameras with top quality lenses.

They are going to CES 2014, and hopefully there is luck and become telephones are available in the rest of the planet. Finally there is a ZTE Sonata 4G, which is the affordable bet with the ultimate in connectivity. It stands out for its 4 inch display and chipset Snapdragon 400.

In the form of rumor has been commented that ZTE will soon show mobile processors developed by herself, under ARM design. He would follow the steps of other manufacturers as Samsung, Huawei, LG, or Apple mobile.

Phablets and watches quantifiers

Moving to a larger size – 5.7 inches – will have the ZTE Iconic Phablet. They have worked the computer software to take advantage of the larger screen, with features that allow you to show a couple of windows at the same time. It will be equipped with four cores, Gorilla Glass protection, Wireless charging, and Dolby Digital sound system hardware.

ZTE already said we was bundled with smartwatches, the first product name is BlueWatch, which in addition will be the times of quantifier, by having pedometer. The way to communicate with smartphones will be via Bluetooth.

Finally we have a somewhat original gimmick by the mix of features, it’s a point of Wi-Fi, which also integrates a projector. It’s a gadget designed to be portable, and you can share among eight users 4 G connectivity.

Facing the American market – where need good picture – they have reached an agreement with the AT & T operator to develop what they call AT & T Wireless Home Base. Through a compatible device can be connected to make unlimited calls through the network – there is no telephone cable – for $20 a month.