The Keys to Nike-Apple Alliance in Series 2

The announcement was overshadowed by the highlight of the day: the presentation of the Apple Watch Series 2, but the truth is that what presented shortly after the signing of Cupertino was more transcendent than you might initially think. We refer to the Alliance between Apple and Nike to present the Apple Watch Nike +.

It would be easy to think that you it’s a simple agreement of a cosmetic nature, that Apple and Nike join forces for giving a boost of marketing its respective products or brands, but it is certain that this Alliance has much more importance that initially seems.

Then… what exactly is a wearable?

In the various sales statistics have been published to date, Apple Watch included a strange segment by defining, in which were the smartwatch: the wearables. And the question is a must: is Apple Watch a wearable? This market segment has been dominated with iron fist to date by Fitbit and the like, but the arrival of smart watches, and in particular, Apple Watch, has trastabillado his rivals plans.

In fact, the thin line that separates both markets (smart watches and sports bracelets) is so thin that the manufacturers of the second they began a timid attack: Fitbit presented the Blaze, and the initial reaction of the market was not very flattering. Should it not focus each on their own and leave space to the other?

Apple Watch, do the unique device for everything?

Actually, Yes, but those of Tim Cook do not stitch without thread and are aware that one of the strengths of the Apple Watch is precisely the relative health: measurement of heartbeat, activity, flats uploaded… and training? The original version of the clock was able to measure everything, but at the bottom was not as sufficiently prepared, in particular with regard to resistance to water (and sweats).

Altering the least and away as little as possible in the spirit of the product, Apple had created an attractive alternative to sportsmen

according to PETSINCLUDE.COM,Apple ‘corrected’ these problems with Series 2, and at the time, the product came with a gift of poisoned for manufacturers of sports bracelets: an unexpected Alliance with Nike. In the own keynote while presents Apple Watch Nike +, the actions of the Fitbit they returned to subside and the message was clear: Apple going to the sports segment also.

Apple Watch Nike + has the sufficient ingredients to attract the intensive user of bracelets of activity: a strap perforated and resistant to deflate conveniently sweat, a dynamic and sporty design of the same and specific Watchfaces and a complication dedicated to Nike + Run Club. Incentives among friends, competition… altering the minimum and away as little as possible in the spirit of the product, Apple had created an attractive alternative to sportsmen.