The New Bracelet Samsung Cuantificadora Could Include a Chest Pulse

After months with various rumors that have been pointing to that Samsung might be working on a new wearable sports quantification, for today the first alleged images have been leaked of this SM-R150. And the truth is that its design is not exactly what was expected of him.

The mentioned rumours spoke of this sporty bracelet would try to gain a foothold in the market opting for an affordable price. This had led to many to be imagined with a simple design and plastic, much like the Gear Fit. But as we can see in the filtered by Tizen Cafe, Samsung seems to have opted for a more similar to the S2 Gear design.

An exclusively sport watch

 Gear Fit 2 S2 SM-R150 S2 S2 Gears2 #Tizen

 (TIZEN CAFE) (@esse1000k) January 17, 2016

In these leaked images we can see both the pulsera-reloj as what seems to be a module that we resettle in the chest, presumably to make a better measurement of our constants. It is unclear whether it is an accessory part or the own clock, so we should expect to be revealed more information to confirm it.

according to,The interface is also visibly different from the of the S2. In revealed images we have seen of it which will apply from a counter of repetitions for our exercises up to our index of body fat meter, even through a screen that would be recorded our daily intake of water.

For the time being, until no more data be disclosed or Samsung announce it officially we don’t know more. As for the price, if it were limited to compete with the Fitbit press or Garmin Forerunner 225 it would be logical to go a little cheaper If you contain the rest of options of smartwatch, although it is also possible that go everywhere with a new Member of the family Gear S2 with added functions.