The Seven Keynotes to Prepare the Presentation of Tomorrow

No need to repeat that tomorrow is day of keynote. A very special day for fans of Apple, many of which we are looking forward to what is presented. Applesfera editors tend to see some old Apple product introductions, to prepare and cool past events. Therefore, in this article we will review the seven that I’ve seen since a few weeks ago. 

The iPod with it began the revolution

A true classic. Steve Jobs comes out on stage before a small audience of technology journalists. In it, Jobs begins listing is the landscape of the music players, mentioning companies by name and pointing to different products. Clearly, there was something bad in it, that is why Apple had to intervene.

This is one of the best presentations of Steve Jobs. One in which all its techniques of presentation in operation can be seen

iMac. iBook. iPod. Simple it was to introduce the music player from Apple. And it is that Jobs, in love of theatricality to introduce products, not unveiled his appearance until well into the keynote. “1,000 songs in your Pocket” was a slogan that marked an entire generation. The video quality is not the best, but that does not diminish the strength that we can guess the message. A classic.

according to GROWTHEOLOGY,.it is good to remember this keynote because it shows how Apple has always compared its products with the brands. Inferiority complex for some, way of seeing the defects in the products we use every day for others.

“An iPod, a phone, and a communication device”

The presentation of the original iPhone. A favorite of Apple fans. Many call it “the perfect keynote” and no wonder, since it has all the ingredients: a mythical device, Steve Jobs on stage and an audience that freak out when there is the iPhone. The ingredients for the perfect story.

As is the case with the iPod, Jobs devoted a few minutes to say what was wrong in the current smartphones, and why it was necessary to fix it. At the beginning it was not evident for many (Steve Ballmer, laughing: “this is the most expensive phone in the world”) but Apple, as it was demonstrated a few years later, had hit the nail on.

The iPhone that changed everything again

The part about the new iPhone can be seen from the top video 30 min. Jobs is responsible for revealing the 8 most relevant aspects of the iPhone 4, including joke. “Let me know if you’ve seen this before”, a clear reference to the iPhone 4 prototype lost by an Apple engineer in a bar and that was later purchased by Gizmodo publication. With legal mess of by means, of course.

An Apple engineer enters a bar with a prototype of iPhone 4 and…

The iPhone proved that pressed the pause button and returned to relaunch the terminal market. New groundbreaking design, what really drew attention was his high resolution screen. “Retina” called it Apple, a name that still in use today in other Apple products.

It was also the first iPhone in bringing a camera that would be more than enough for millions of people. It was no longer necessary to carry a camera apart for the holidays. And, of course, introduced FaceTime for the first time.

IPhone 5s, a machine that “frightened” to industry

From the 33rd minute of this video we can see the phone that “scared” to the mobile industry. In particular, the Qualcomm chip maker went on to say that iPhone chip A7 5s, the first 64-bit on a mobile, made to spread panic in the industry. Also the first to include Touch ID, the first terminal to be sold on a large scale have identification by fingerprint.

Seeing your video presentation of the 5s iPhone, we can see how Apple began to combine technology and luxury. An iPhone edges polished as if it were a jewel, but that was within the reach of everyone. A user could have the same terminal that your football player or rock star Favorites.

In this keynote isn’t Steve Jobs, died a year ago at the time of the presentation, but the iPhone 5s is the terminal which I have now. One of my favorite technology products and that, despite its nearly 3 years (almost half life in the world of technology), continues to give great war. See this keynote again shows that, despite losing someone as charismatic as Jobs, Apple is still in top form.

The return of the “One more thing”

Apple Watch marked a turning point for Apple. Since Jobs passed away, there were many voices showing their doubts about the future of the company. Tim Cook needed to show the world what it was able to Apple with a completely new category: Smart Watches.

It would take even nearly eight months to see the light, but he hogged all the headlines at that time. Apple would enter into a new market that others have long working. At the time I was impressed the clock finishes level, reworking the message of luxury and technology. It is one of recent presentations to more often, especially before I decided to buy the steel version. I still occasionally using the sphere of the world used in her first video.

WWDC 2015 and its small “disaster”

The 2015 WWDC keynote introduced new features to iOS and watchOS. Many of them needed and bringing stability to the software. But it will be a story for another reason. Last year, Apple buying Beats, a company with which it was speculated that they would create their own music services streaming.

Apple Music had a confused and with a little yarn message presentation. But that did not stop to win 15 million subscribers in its first year of life

The suspicions were confirmed by the appearance of Apple Music. However, your presentation is the most uncomfortable that I remember. The interventions of several people occurred, without Jenny a message clear and adding confusion. Jimmy Iovine is a great music Executive, but has great presentation skills. Perhaps why not we have seen him on stage.

The most ambitious keynote: iOS 10, macOS, watchOS 3, tvOS 10

It is easy to lose perspective and say that Apple has lost the North. Not that it innovates. Competitors to squeeze and have surpassed him. But that is nothing more than an impression. The reality is that Apple are moving at their own pace, balancing a delicate balance between improving their products and not miss the familiarity of the same.

Because the technology enthusiasts believe that we are alone. But there were millions of people using technology to live their daily lives. It is not an end in itself. This is the reason that the last WWDC, unlike the 2015, has been one of the most ambitious. Not in vain Apple introduced upgrades to its four platforms: iOS 10, macOS, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10.

For me, 10 iOS and watchOS 3 are two versions that give a great leap forward. Still need time to test the operating system of Apple clock, but the beta of iOS 10 has been open to the public for months. My experience with it, it is an update that improves almost every aspect.

And, for you, what is your favorite keynote?