The Wearables Finally Have Taken Off, According to Canalys

It seems lie but step have already two years since quantifier bracelets and watches connected to the mobile they will begin to reach our dolls. Since then we have seen models of all types and many analysts were encouraged to predict that this year, 2014, when would an explosion.

No shortage of reasons to corroborate his prediction: this year we have seen many proposals, has born Android Wear and remains to be seen if Apple Gets or not in business. 2014 has been his great year and the report tabled by Canalys shows that, indeed, has already occurred the take-off of this category.

More than 6 million distributed wearables

According to the consultant, the wearables market has grown by 684%. It sounds like a lot but you have to keep in mind that until now had been a very small niche so that you grow the percentage was going to shoot. If we take it to data drives, this translates to about 4.5 million bracelets quantifier and nearly 2 million smart watches.

In the first category the Queen is Fitbit with your Flex although Jawbone followed closely. Samsung Pebble back with Sony in third place while, leads everything related to watches. In this report have not included data from Android Wear still since it includes only information from the first two quarters of this year. We’ll see how is the scene at the end of the year.

Although the data presented by this consultant are hopeful there to catch them with clip for two reasons. One: it’s estimates and not a host of official data provided by the different brands. Two: the report speaks of distributed units, not of sales as is. In short: we know that the manufacturers are pushing the category and bringing many products, but we know if they are engaging in people.

What is clear at this point is still walk away from popular and that it is a category that needs long journey to reach the general public. We’ll see if Android Wear helps and if Apple, if they finally dare, help put an intelligent device on the wrist of many people.