UMI Enters the Market of VIewers VR with Box 3

Even smaller Chinese manufacturers are trying to carve out a place in the segment of accessories dedicated to virtual reality, among the most emerging we find today, UMi, brands that lately it is getting noticed in Europe thanks to the marketing of its products through Amazon, who along with Smartphones and accessories, has recently included a price list for the new UMi Box 3 , Viewer for virtual reality, really not bad considering the price and technical characteristics.


    • Light and comfortable: 20% lighter than the competition.
    • Materials: ABS Resin. Resin lenses are finished, sharper and anti-radiation protection.
    • Adjustment: adjustable in every aspect, the product provides optimal viewing without annoying ghost effects.
    • Stable: a magnet to adjust to the best smartphone’s location, for easier use and easy.
    • 4 to 6-inch size compatible displays:. Recommended by 4.7 inches at 6.

  • 360 degree movement of the head, for a totally immersive experience.
  • Hundreds of free content available from Play Store or from the App Store. Whether you use Android or iOS.
  • Thanks to its design, allows optimum heat dissipation of the smartphone.

The lenses can be adjusted manually to get an optimal view, while a magnetic trigger allows the user to select the icons on the screen, without the need to touch your smartphone.

At the launch via Amazon Italy, UMi Box 3 is proposed for just 13 euros at a discount greater than 50%, for a limited time only.

More information on Amazon:

  • UMI virtual reality glasses BOX 3-12.99 €

Update: after going to exhaustion in less than two hours, the product disappeared from Amazon’s page and there are no details on a possible arrival of new lots. Those who managed to land him will receive the viewer within the deadline, apparently so has been put on the market a limited number of UMI BOX 3, a really interesting device for the presence of the magnetic trigger, rare element into components in this price range.