Why Choose an Unlocked Cell Phone?

Certainly, the trade of mobile handsets is one of the most intense in the country. The device became, virtually, a necessity in the modern society, mainly to perform searches and communicate on the Internet. Far beyond serving only for the phone calls.

Why Choose an Unlocked Cell Phone 1

Therefore, manufacturing companies invest both in the product — presenting innovations and differentiated prices. It is precisely in the question of the price to buy a smartphone that is tethered to a carrier seems to be to your advantage.

Could it be that this is an advantage? Read our post and understand how it can be helpful to purchase an unlocked cell phone!

What is unlocked cell phone

The chip is the matrix of a cell, it retains the information, the number, the credits and the schedule. Due to the importance of this device, the carriers only sold devices locked and only people with the chip carrier could use the phone hung up for her.

However, the arrival of GSM technology, which was deployed by all the operators, has allowed the sale of unlocked phones. A device unlocked is the one that allows the use of any chip (thus, it is possible to use chips of different operators on the same phone).

Your right to unlock

According to the determination of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), every consumer has the right to unlock free your device. However, the carriers still dictate much bureaucracy in the process, that complicate things for the client. Therefore, it is important that the consumer know their rights and learn to use them in your favor.

Already in 2007, the site-Blocking was one of the pioneers in passing information to the cell phone users, talking about their rights. In the following year, a petition with a million and a half signatures guaranteed the right to unlock. In 2010, the fcc finally has recognized this right, guaranteeing all consumers the free unlock and at any time, simply go to the carrier and make your request.

Why Choose an Unlocked Cell Phone 2

How to proceed to unlock

Those who have the device locked and wish to unlock it, must lead to the operator, as per the recommendation of the Anatel, the invoice of the product and its identity. Also ask for the protocol of the service, the name of the attendant and the date of the request.

Each carrier has its own rules with regards to unlock, being that some are more accessible than others. If your request is denied, the consumer must search for the Procon, the fcc or sites of complaints.

The jailbreak of Apple

Who is the user of the products of the brand Apple can make use of gadgets and features unlocked by means of a method developed by groups of hackers. Jailbreak refers both to the unlocking of services and applications.

This allows the user to enable features previously inaccessible. He still can enable, for example, a device that had exclusive use in the United States.

Why Choose an Unlocked Cell Phone 3

Advantages of an unlocked cell phone

Due to the barriers offered by operators, it is best to purchase a device unlocked. The unlocked cell phone has many advantages, such as:

  • Change carriers whenever you want;
  • In traveling abroad, buy pre-paid SIM card to work in the country in question (which is more economic to pay tariffs for international calls);
  • If you have more than one device, lend your phone to some family member or friend, if it has the features like camera, video, and continue receiving their links on other cell;
  • Enjoy the services of the operators are different, use the chips in a different unlocked phones, as is most convenient at the time;
  • Offer and / or sell his unit to any person, when you want to purchase a new one.

There are many advantages in buying an unlocked cell phone. Even paying a little more expensive, the transaction it compensates for.

Your device is unlocked? Bought so or asked for the unlock in the carrier? Make your comment below, leave your opinion on the subject and share your experiences with other readers!