Win Balance to Receive Calls, Vodafone Italy

Vodafone Italy It has one of the most curious and interesting promotions I’ve seen lately, I know if Vodafone (or other Spanish operator) has made it ever in Spain, at least on their website I haven’t found it available now.

The promotion itself is to receive 5 autorecarga cents for each minute of conversation received from fixed or mobile from another operator. But as it is usual in these types of promotions, there is some fine print, the activation cost is € 2 per month, the maximum given charge is 30 euro and are only taken into account 10 minutes from call blocks, i.e., 50 cents received in every 10 minutes a call Therefore the calls of less than 10 minutes do not count.

Although this last makes it less attractive than it might seem at first, to those who have a great telephone consumption can be beneficial and help reduce your Bill.