With Tactum Designed a Wearable on Your Skin

Tactum It is one of his experiments that many can be decaffeinated on his show, but ahead of us things, ideas that can become everyday with the correct evolution. It is also a good example of use of new technologies, so we are going to dedicate a space.

We could say that Tactum is a complex modeling tool, You can create a real bracelet to our liking, with the exact dimensions of our arm. Of all the elements involved, since we have a complex a projector and a 3D printer as major protagonists.

I lie, as important as these would have an element capable of record elements of the scene, which was initially a Kinect, with depth and then went on to be Leap Motion. Returning to the Mission of both component, the idea goes by design plug-ins directly on our skin, in our example has to do with the wrist, but it could well be another part of the body.

With the following video take to understand what it is, but I advance that what is proposed is to project onto our arm design a bracelet or support for wearable. The same will be editable in real time with our hands, to give it the shape that we consider. Once completed, the system is can get a compatible file to 3D printers.

Its creators are the boys of MadLab, that you inform us that it is not necessary to create an initial scan of the arm to start to generate designs with Tactum. Can directly put us to play elements, which the system will be making sastre and taking all the necessary dimensions.

There are many important elements in the process, as a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 making as brain and operations, a Casio XJA251 projector screen, and gesture recognition system cited Leap Motion (early prototypes used Kinect).

A bracelet for the bike 360

Practical, or integrated with a real element, results have on the bracelet created a smart watch as Motorola Moto 360 – next image – to seat, from here we can begin to imagine endless possibilities by changing body parts or materials, or mix printing systems with others able to work with fabrics.